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Kansas Critters Books

The Great Plains Nature Center's fourth book in the Kansas Critter series is:
“Kansas Critters: Wet ‘n Wild; A Wildlife Book Written and Illustrated by Kansas Kids.”

The latest title in our popular book series
“Kansas Critters” features 27 species of wetland critters found in Kansas, portrayed with
art and literature entries created by Kansas kids (K - 8th grade).

The students who created the winning entries for the book were honored in
a special awards ceremony and reception at the Great Plains Nature Center on August 23, 2014, where they were recognized for their contribution and presented with complimentary copies of the book!

Copies of the book may be picked up in person for free at the GPNC, or can be mailed to you for $5 per copy, postage included.  Only one copy per family please! Contact the Owl's Nest Gift Shop for details.

This book was made possible by generous grants from The Lattner Family Foundation, Cargill Cares, the Kansas Health Foundation and the Wichita Cultural Funding Committee.

Congratulations to the hundreds of young artists and authors
who contributed to this and our previous Kansas Critters Books!

The previous books in the series were - Kansas Critters: Bugs,
Kansas Critters: Mammals
and Kansas Critters: Birds

They were made possible by generous grants from
The Lattner Family Foundation.

See below for the covers of the first three books.
All three are out of print and not currently available.

  Kansas Critters: Bugs Cover
Kansas Critters: Bugs, the third book in the series.

Kansas Critters: Birds cover
Kansas Critters: Birds, the second book in the series.

Kansas Critters: Mammals cover
Kansas Critters: Mammals, the first book in the series.

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